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More than just photos...it's our passion!

Swix Pix was founded on a bright idea and a passion for letter photography.

Lori, our fearless leader, has been a lifelong professional photographer and loves the art of letter photography. Capturing that perfect letter photo is always on her mind. Lighting, texture, and contrast all have to work in order for it to be a Swix Pix photo letter.

We like to think our letter photos are pretty creative (well, why wouldn’t we!) but so are our frames. Nathan engineered and patented our frames and they really stand out from our competitors. You know it’s Swix Pix when you see the frame. We don’t use heavy matting that can take away from the beauty of our images and we don’t frame the pictures so they touch each other, making your word too busy to view. Our frames separate each photograph, allowing the individuality of each letter photo to be enjoyed while still giving the word you choose the simplicity to be viewed as a whole.

The Swix Pix Team

Letter Photography is at it's best with our awesome team!

Swix Pix Letter Photography Lori The Owner Photo

Lori – Photographer / Clickity Clicker

Lori is the brains and beauty behind Swix Pix letter photography. She can pat her head and rub her belly at the same time. And She has an exceptional gift for finding the closest parking space.

Swix Pix Letter Photography Nathan Photo

Nathan – Frame Mastermind Engineer

Nathan loves the outdoors, fresh snow, cuddling, and holding hands. He specializes in turning bad times into good times. He’s also a master at getting things from the top shelf.

Swix Pix Letter Photography Miranda Photo

Miranda – Sales Whiz

Miranda enjoys staying up all night and sleeping all day. She is the fastest texter in the west. One day her ipod earphones will need to be surgically removed.

Swix Pix Letter Photography Jen Photo

Jen – Sales Enthusiast

Jen loves to meet new people. She is well dressed and has a great sense of humor. She takes the lead in intimate conversations. She looks forward to the day she has a pizza named after her – it will have pineapple on it!

Swix Pix Letter Photography Nate Photo

Nate – Sales Aficionado

Nate is the Paul Bunyan type. He loves being outdoors and working with his tools. He enjoys candlelight dinners and long walks on the beach. He specializes in working random movie lines into conversation.

Swix Pix Letter Photography Ashton Photo

Ashton - Chief Sales Guru

Ashton's always prepared with a photo letter and a song. His specialties include spinning, thumb wrestling, and animal impersonations. He will one day win an Olympic gold medal for the eye staring event- he rocks at that!

Swix Pix Letter Photography Jacob Photo

Jacob – Helper Extraordinaire

Last but not least, Jacob. He’s the life of the party. His talents include rip sticking, basketball, and football (aka, tripping, falling and going to the emergency room). He always makes sure he looks good for the ladies.